Ace’s incredible Mother’s Day gift

While many mothers might be getting breakfast in bed or a bunch of flowers this Mother’s Day, Bianca Bartlett will receive something she thought might never come: a wave hello from her son, Ace.

Ace has Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome. A rare degenerative neurological condition that impacts his ability to control his movement and communicate verbally.

While waving hello might not be a big milestone to most families, the fact that Ace has learned the right time to lift his hand to communicate with his family is truly inspirational.

For Bianca, this gift is more significant than anything she could have expected.

“As parents you just want your child to be happy and be the best they can be” says Bianca. “We’ve missed out on seeing Ace do so many things but to see him waving, means so much to us. It’s the result of years of hard work and never giving up hope. It’s priceless.”

Since Ace was diagnosed in 2012, Very Special Kids has been supporting the entire Bartlett family with hospice and family support services.

“When your child has special needs, it all falls on you. That’s why Very Special Kids is amazing, they are the extended family we can lean on”, says Bianca. “When Ace stays at the hospice it gives us the chance to be better parents for all three of our children and regain our strength to tackle everything that awaits us.”

With Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday, Bianca is looking forward to spending the day with the whole family and is excited to see Ace wave to the rest of the family when he sees them.

“He truly is something special, he inspires everyone around him. To never give up, work hard and to keep smiling. It’s not been easy but I’m so grateful for all that he has taught us”.

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