Peer support networks and activities

Very Special Kids runs an array of activities to help your family connect with others who understand the complexities of caring for a child or young person with a life-limiting condition.

Whether you are a child, sibling or parent, there is immense value in meeting other families who just get it. From casual coffee catch-ups to family days, there are opportunities across the state to join virtual or face-to-face events and programs and build life-long connections.

It felt like we were able to spend a weekend with our child, to talk freely about them, our experiences, their memory, our grief, loneliness and to express our love in a safe and supportive way.

Family days

Grab the kids and spend a day making memories with some other very special families. From slipping and sliding at Adventure Park to feeding the animals at Glen Osmond Farm in Woodend, there’s a family day to suit everyone’s locations and needs.

Coffee catch-ups

If you’re looking to meet parents or carers like you, our casual coffee catch-ups may be the perfect place to start. Short and sweet, these sessions are run regularly across the state by a family support practitioner.

Sibling support program

Designed specifically for brothers and sisters of children at Very Special Kids, our sibling support program gives your kids the chance to build friendships with other children who know what they’re going through. Available to bereaved and non-bereaved siblings, activities range from going bowling and laser tagging to attending support groups and camps.

Bereavement support program

We know we can’t take the grief of your child’s death away, but we can provide the chance to make connections with other families that have a shared experience of loss. Our bereavement activities range from an annual remembrance day and scrapbooking groups to family camps and parents’ weekends.

Family camps

Hosted by Lord Somers Camp and Power House, families have the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of fun and relaxation by the beach. With a range of activities to join for you and your family, there is something for everyone.

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