Sibling support program

Having a brother or sister who is sick, or has died, can feel lonely. Through our sibling support program, you can meet other children or young people like you who understand what you are going through.

Full of fun and meaningful activities, our sibling program can help you make rewarding and lasting memories in a safe and welcoming environment. The activities are diverse and aim to promote choice, from talking in small groups to jumping on a flying fox and everything in-between. Examples include:

  • Sibling days
  • Bereaved sibling support groups
  • Adolescent weekends away and week-long camps
  • Movie nights

Comments from young people who have attended these programs include, “it is the only space I have to be myself – there is a sense of safety for me to reflect, connect and make special bonds” and “it is an amazing opportunity to meet people who have gone through the same things as you”.

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Advisory groups

Our advisory groups offer siblings the chance to share their lived experiences of being involved with Very Special Kids. The Children’s Advisory Group (aged eight to 13) and Youth Advisory Group (aged 14 to 25) have input into the kinds of activities that we run, so they stay relevant to other siblings like you.

Maryjo (MJ) is a proud Youth Advisory Group member. She explains: “My little brother James is the reason we became a part of and continue to be involved in Very Special Kids. He loved his Lego, Lamborghinis and Fast and Furious movies. Even though he was only 18 months younger than me, he would always protect me and stand up for me.

“He is and continues to watch over me from heaven. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and passed away in 2015. We continue to be a part of Very Special Kids to keep his memory alive by connecting with other families who understand illness and grief.”

MJ’s advice to anyone thinking about getting involved in one of the activities is simple. “No matter how nervous you may be to attend your first program, you will make friendships and memories with people that you will remember forever.”

To find out more about getting involved in sibling activities, get in touch with your family support practitioner or call 1800 888 875.