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When a child is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, the path ahead can feel overwhelming. Very Special Kids provides holistic palliative care for Victorian children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and tailored support for their families – through life, death, and bereavement.


We are here to help your child and family face a journey you never thought you would have to.

We are committed to making sure you have access to emotional, clinical, and practical support, free of charge.


Every child in our care is special, unique, and important to us. We put your child at the heart of everything we do, bringing together experienced clinical and allied health professionals, trained practitioners and volunteers, to help them through the toughest of times.

We are one of the leaders in paediatric palliative care and the Sister Margaret Noone Hospice at Very Special Kids House remains Victoria’s only children’s hospice.

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At Very Special Kids we offer

Hospice respite care

Our hospice at Very Special Kids House offers your child or young person respite in a home away from home. Here, we offer the very best care from our doctors, nurses, carers, trained volunteers and Jaffa, our very special therapy dog.

Allied health

We provide comprehensive allied health services to complement our holistic approach to care at Very Special Kids House. This includes:

  • Music therapy
  • Physiotherapy and aquatic physiotherapy
  • Creative therapy
  • Occupational therapy

End-of-life care

At Very Special Kids House we provide palliative care at the end of your child’s life. Support is provided by a dedicated team of nurses and carers, to make the last days of your child’s life as special and comfortable as can be.

After death care

We stand by your family’s side to support your final wishes at the end of your loved one’s life and beyond. We can provide care to your child or young person who has already died when your family needs more time to say goodbye in the private Balam Balam (butterfly in the Aboriginal language Woiwurrung) suite at Very Special Kids House.

Family counselling

We support your whole family. We offer counselling for families who are caring for a child or young person with a life-limiting condition, and for bereaved families. Our family support practitioners are highly experienced and create a safe space for children and families to talk openly.

Bereavement support

Facing the realities of end-of-life care for, and death of, your child or young person can be incredibly tough. Through our bereavement support program, we offer emotional support and counselling, and a range of activities designed to meet the individual needs of each family.

Peer support networks and activities

No one should feel like they’re on this journey alone. We bring together children, siblings and parents through a calendar of networking, social events and therapeutic programs. We design these to create meaningful connections with others on the same path.

Sibling support

We know how hard and isolating it can be for children who have or had a sibling with a life-limiting condition. That’s why we’ve developed our Sibling Support Program which ensures your children feel supported and heard at all stages. From special days and movie nights, we help siblings understand and process their emotions through connection.

Holiday accommodation

We believe enjoying quality time away together as a family can be hugely important. At Very Special Kids we offer two free-of-charge and accessible holiday accommodation options for you, your children, young people and family. Here you can take a break and create special memories.

Family accommodation

We keep loved ones together, with families able to stay onsite at our short-term family accommodation while your child stays at Very Special Kids House.

Visiting volunteers

Our highly trained volunteers provide personalised support depending on each individual family’s needs. They can come to your home, assist when the child is visiting the hospital, provide support at Very Special Kids House and take part in our calendar of activities.

To find out of if you are eligible for our services, you can view our eligibility criteria here.

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