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Every moment of a child’s life is precious

At Very Special Kids, we believe all children and young people have the right to quality of life, no matter how short or long their life may be.

For the past 30 years, we’ve made sure seriously ill children and their families don’t have to endure their difficult journey alone. Opening our hospice doors in 1996, we were Australia’s first children’s hospice. Today, we are still Victoria’s only children’s hospice.

There is a common misconception that a hospice is a place where children go to die, but Very Special Kids offers so much more. We celebrate life.

9 out of 10 families believe they spend more quality time with their loved one

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When I pick Luca up from Very Special Kids, I know he’s had a great time and I just give him so much extra love because I’ve had that time to breathe.

Nadja, mother to Luca, who has an undiagnosed condition

100% of children who stay at the hospice receive high quality clinical care

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To have Josiah monitored by people who can dedicate the time and who care enough to do it, that is everything to me. I trust Very Special Kids more than anyone with him.

Ruth, mother to Josiah, who has a neurometabolic condition

95% of bereaved families create lasting memories with their dying child

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While Very Special Kids is not the group that you would choose to be part of, if you end up in that club, the level of support and services is second to none.

Shari, mother of Ruby who had DOOR syndrome and died at nine months old

9 out of 10 families feel less isolated and that they can cope better

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Very Special Kids is a lifeline to us. They’re our main support network offering everything from respite to advice on equipment, and someone to talk to. They have helped us stay afloat emotionally through the toughest of times.

Georgie, mother of Eve, who has interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension

3 in 4 families feel connected to an understanding community

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It’s organisations like Very Special Kids that have helped us enormously. You sort of think to yourself, where would we be had these guys not been involved?

Rick, father to Everley, who has Kabuki syndrome

During a typical year, our community can help us deliver:

Support for more than 800 families across Victoria

Almost 6,000 counselling and emotional support sessions tailored to each member of the family

Сlose to 2,800 hospice bed nights to give parents a much-needed break

300 end-of-life care nights in our hospice giving children a comfortable and respectful death

More than 1,500 allied health and creative therapy sessions to reduce anxiety and help kids express themselves

85 community connection activities for children, siblings and their families to connect, reflect or grieve

If you would like to support us to make this year even more special, find out how you can help here.

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