Our stories

Cassandra’s story

When just two months old, Cassandra’s parents were told she would not last the year. The little fighter is still here!

Alex’s story

Only five children in Australia have the disease Alex has so he and his parents make the most of every day.


Monique’s story

Monique died 13 months after diagnosis leaving behind grieving parents as well as two siblings – her twin sister Zoe and older sister Olivia.

Steph’s story

Steph’s advice to other sick kids: “I want other kids to look their disease in the eye and say ‘you suck, but I can beat you’.”

Lani and Beau’s story

For any parents losing one child is devastating but for Simone and Rob they have lost two precious lives.


Ruby’s story

When Ruby was on life support, her parents Shari and Brad turned to Very Special Kids to navigate her end-of-life care.

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