Bereavement support

Following the death of a child or young person there is no right or wrong way to grieve. The loss is profound and impacts the family in many different ways.


At Very Special Kids we can help you and your family face the things you never thought you would have to say, do or feel. We provide expert advice and counselling for your whole family.

Losing a loved one can feel as though you are walking the path alone. We can’t take that grief away, but we can provide the chance to make connections with other families that have a shared experience of loss.

After Isla passed away, we had to learn a new way to live. Through Very Special Kids we are able to meet with other families who have similar journeys to our own and make deep connections that will last a lifetime.

Michelle, mum to Isla, who had Sandhoff disease

Our bereavement support program includes:

Our bereavement support program includes:

Formal counselling

Creative interventions, for example, play or art therapy

Sibling support

Family camps and weekends for parents

An annual day to honour the memory of very special children

Parent scrapbooking group

Online and in person support groups for adults, children and young people

To find out more information about the bereavement services we offer to families in our care, please call 1800 888 875.