An all round top guy – Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is not only Very Special Kids Family Volunteer Coordinator, but he is also co-captaining two teams for the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge this year and absolutely smashing fundraising, as well as dressing up!

We thought it would be a good idea to get some insight and find out how he has done such a good job in the last three years, here is our Q&A below:

What drives you to participate and fundraise for the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge?

I believe that the work Very Special Kids does is so needed and necessary. Participating in the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge is a fun way to further talk about what we do and explain the importance of paediatric palliative care and supporting families in our communities.

 How do you motivate your team members and yourself to fundraise?

Reading and sharing the stories that are put out via social media really helps to stay motivated. It’s often not until you read the stories that a person really understands the significance of the work and you see where Very Special Kids is different. We try to remind people about what was achieved last year and encourage people to do even better. There are a lot of people that want to give to something, but are often not sure where to give it.

 Why do you think dressing up is important for the event and fundraising?

Dressing up is just fun. One of the best parts of participating is walking in and seeing the creativity in the room. Of course you are welcome to come in your normal exercise outfit, but nothing beats the look on a work colleague or friend when they realise the clown in fancy dress is you. It creates meaningful memories and helps with fundraising side of things too.

 What has been your most outrageous outfit?

 Last Year’s sequined 70’s onesie was probably my favourite outfit, and it fitted so well. Not the most practical to run in but it looked good. I’m really happy how this year’s 80’s fashion faux pas is coming together, but we’ll keep that under wraps for now.

 What advice would you give to others participating in the treadmill challenge?

My two pieces of advice would be 1. Don’t be afraid to ask people to partner with you financially, and 2. Come excited, have fun and share like crazy on social media so everyone knows what they are missing out on.

Nathan is a valued member of the Very Special Kids community and we just cannot wait to see his outfit this year. To support a runner like Nathan head here.