Ayesha’s story – riding the extra mile

Despite not being able to walk or talk, eleven year old Ayesha Srivastava is a very sociable young girl; she’s highly engaged with the world and loves dancing, music and experiencing new things.

In many ways Ayesha is just like any other girl her age, however she requires 24 hour care for all of her basic needs.

Ayesha has Fibro Myalgia Dysplasia which means the arteries are narrowing in her brain, stomach and the rest of her body. She also has cerebral palsy and is attached to a pump 24 hours a day so she can be fed through a drip.

With Ayesha’s challenging condition, her parents Sue and Manoj say they take things one day at a time.

“We can’t plan too much into the future” says Sue, “Ayesha’s condition is progressive which means it will get worse over time but at the moment we are just grateful for the time we spend with her”

The Srivastava family turned to Very Special Kids ten years ago, for respite care at Very Special Kids Hospice and support from a trained in-home Family Volunteer.

“We have a fantastic volunteer Kate who comes to visit and plays with Ayesha to give us a break” says mother Sue.

“She’s marvellous and we can always hear giggles coming from the room when they are together. It means Manoj and I can do stuff around the house, go for a walk, and do things we struggle to find time for.”

Ayesha also comes to stay at the Hospice where she loves participating in arts and craft, watching The Wiggles and it allows her parents a much needed break.

“It’s a 24 hour round-the-clock job looking after Ayesha and Very Special Kids is the only respite we get. If her condition starts to deteriorate it’s a big relief to know that we’ll have the support now and in the future.”

Ride the extra mile to support sick children like Ayesha

On the 11-17 March the Chain Reaction Ultimate Corporate Bike Challenge is taking place to raise funds for sick children like Ayesha.

The funds raised from the challenge are the catalyst for a large and important upgrade to Very Special Kids Hospice to ensure the charity can continue to provide benchmark standards of 24-hour nursing care for children with life-threatening conditions.

To sponsor a rider or to make a donation please click here.