Bereaved Siblings Buddy Up

This Thursday, we held a Bereaved Sibling Day here at Very Special Kids, as part of our Sibling Support Program for children with a brother or sister who has died.

Not only did the sun come out making it a beautiful day, so did all of their smiles, with many children bonding and feeling comfortable to express themselves both verbally and creatively.


There were plenty of arts and crafts, including creating coloured sand jars, pet rocks and paintings, with each activity tailored to suit the day. They also got to put their thinking caps on and do fun trivia quizzes with a wizard.

At lunch they all enjoyed Crust pizza and a delicious cake from Cake Angels, and got to hang out on the playground in the hospice, reminiscing and forming friendships that will last.

In the afternoon they enjoyed a relay race, and an awesome game of parachute, inspiring their sense of working together and belonging.

They also got the chance to display their art to the group, explaining why they made it the way that they did, building on their confidence to express themselves.

Our Bereaved Sibling Days have a therapeutic framework designed to allow children to not only explore their emotions, but also enhance self-esteem, encourage peer support and reduce the sense of isolation.

Children have the opportunity to come together, connect, and meet others who might be in a similar situations in a caring and safe environment.

To find out when the next Bereaved Sibling Day is on, contact Meg Chin on 9804 6222 or