Celebrating 20 years of music therapy at Very Special Kids

We are celebrating 20 years of Music Therapy at Very Special Kids!

Today, Monday 1 March, is World Music Therapy Day and to celebrate, our Music Therapist Pip Reid has written a song to say thank you to the children and families of Very Special Kids.

Our Music Therapy program provides children opportunities for choice, control, self-expression, fun and enhanced quality of life. We provide group and individual sessions full of for fun, movement and relaxation. Benefits seen in each group include increased social connectedness, motivation to participate and choice. Individual sessions offer personalised opportunities for actively creating music together and receptive listening experiences. These sessions can improve mood, offer a sense of empowerment and provide ability and symptom-based care.

We are grateful to share meaningful music experiences with the children we care for, and to see their beauty, happiness, and abilities shine.

A special thank you to the supporters of the Music Therapy program, including The Campbell Foundation, Lander & Rogers’ resident band, CrashLanders, and The Lily Calvert Foundation. Thank you to the very special children featured in this video and their families for providing consent to use these images. And thank you to Peter Sullivan for freely offering to play and record the piano in ‘A Song for You’.