Christmas lights brighten up more than just a street

Robert and Leonie have been supporting children’s charity Very Special Kids for over two years by holding an annual Christmas light display at their family home in Beaumaris.

 This year the magnificent display will kick off on Saturday 2 December at 9.00pm. The opening night will include live entertainment with Christmas Carols.

 What once started out as a personal project and one string of lights, grew over an eight year period turning into something much more special and spectacular.

Robert and Leonie’s display began to attract more and more people every year, reaching up to 4,000 visitors last year, causing several traffic jams in their street, that were completely understood by their supportive neighbours!

In 2015, after becoming acquainted with Very Special Kids, they decided to encourage people to donate to view the display. “We went down to have a tour of the hospice, and we decided there wasn’t a better organisation to support” said Leonie.

The Christmas lights started with their love of Christmas, family and bringing people together and Robert believes this aligns with Very Special Kids perfectly, explaining that “thousands of people come to see the lights every year now and people associate Christmas with children so it’s a great opportunity to talk about what Very Special Kids does.”

Robert is also the CEO of DFP Recruitment, and participated in our 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge this year alongside Leonie and his colleagues, raising almost $42,000.

“When we do the lights it’s like our private efforts, but it was nice to be involved in the mainstream fundraising for Very Special Kids too and meet other like-minded supporters. I walked into the treadmill marquee and got tears in my eyes instantly, the atmosphere was truly amazing.

People like to work for companies that show social responsibility, so they got behind Robert, and every person that participated has already committed to be there next year too. We also had several clients come and show their support and they enjoyed being involved in such a worthy cause” said Leonie.

Every year Robert and Leonie hold an opening night where they turn on the lights for the first time, on the first Saturday in December at 9pm. People come from all around the region and are happy to make a donation to support Very Special Kids whilst they are there.

“It creates a great sense of community, which aligns itself with Very Special Kids having such a strong community focus too” said Robert.

“We want to thank the staff that help and support us. It’s not a one way relationship, Very Special Kids are so supportive and gracious, and have really embraced our idea. This is our contribution, involving ourselves with the lights and the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge. It really does create a wonderful sense of community and it’s a real pleasure for us to be a part of it” said Leonie.

For more information on the amazing light display head to their Facebook page: Rob and Leonie’s Christmas Lights.