Daniel’s Story

Being a bereaved sibling…

Being a twin, it is heartbreaking to have your twin brother pass away, but you still have to move on with life. It may be hard sometimes but you have to make the most of it – of life, the world, the memories that you have.









I remember…

I remember when me and Peter, we loved these icy poles called Kanga Pops and me and Peter got into the freezer one day and ate the whole 5 packs together! And Mum found us and busted us eating the Kanga Pops! On the bright side we got to eat all the Kanga Pops and not get in trouble. It was FUN!!!

Interesting facts about my twin brother Peter…

Favourite food: macaroni and cheese and pineapple and bacon pizza
Favourite animal: Elephant
Favourite drink: Babychino
Favourite movie: Polar Express, The Pirates, Happy Feet and the Lego Movie
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite song: Jesus loves me
Favourite cake: chocolate cake
Favourite dessert: rainbow ice-cream
Peter loved balloons and jumping castles







I recommend

Watching the film ‘Wonder’ because the story shows how to be kind, caring and non-judgemental of others.

What has helped me…

Stress balls
Watching ‘Heaven is for Real’

I feel that…

I have had to grow up quickly because of my experience.
I find it hard to relate to kids my own age because of my experience and enjoy talking with older kids.