Fundraising for the Watson brothers

Seven-year-old William Watson and five-year-old Hamish Waston have an extremely rare genetic condition. The brothers are two of only six cases in Australia and 60 reported cases worldwide.

The condition, Adenylosuccinate Lyase (AdsL) Deficiency, has caused severe progressive neurological damage to both boys. They require wheelchairs for mobility and suffer from daily uncontrolled seizure episodes.

Mum Natalie said the boys need constant care.

“Brian and I are their arms, legs and voice. We help them with every aspect of daily living, from dressing to feeding, monitoring for seizures and turning them over through the night to make them more comfortable,” she said.

The family have turned to Very Special Kids for respite care at the hospice and emotional assistance through their Family Support Worker.

Natalie said she trusts the high quality care provided at Very Special Kids Hospice.

“I can relax because I know that they are okay. I know that the nursing staff will make the right decision for the best care of the boys and we are only a phone call away.

“The hospice has a fantastic communal area where all the kids come together, so it’s comforting to know that William and Hamish will be included in all the daily activities, as well as have times for quiet and rest.

“It feels like it’s their home away from home,” she said.

From 22 to 23 May more than 1,000 participants will run the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge to raise funds for children in 24 hour care at Very Special Kids Hospice. To sponsor a runner visit