Hospice appoints Chief Medical Officer

As part of the commitment to improve services to families, Very Special Kids House recently appointed Dr Simon Cohen as a Chief Medical Officer on a part time basis. 

He recently moved to Melbourne from Sydney, where he worked with the Sydney Children’s Hospital and was the paediatrician for Bear Cottage. Simon brings his experience looking after children with severe neurological impairments and life limiting conditions. He will share that knowledge and help provide excellent symptom management and quality of care for the children attending Very Special Kids House.

Simon believes that end of life management is of crucial importance. “There is a relevant quote from the founder of the modern hospice movement Dame Cicely Saunders that says ‘How people die, remains in the memory of those who live on’. The way to help make this memory as good as it can be under the circumstances is to provide a holistic service that cares for any symptoms of the child as well as the wishes of the family,” Simon said.

The Very Special Kids House nurses and carers met with Simon at a two-day workshop at Glen Osmond Farm in Woodend. We welcome Simon to the team.