How to do Easter arts and craft

The Easter holidays are a fantastic time to get crafty! Very Special Kids embraces the creativity and expression involved in art to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children.

Our on-site Art Therapist helps our very special kids create beautiful paintings and crafts using their emotional, sensory and motor skills. Here we share with you our Easter craft fun and provide a how to guide for creating your own crafts at home.

Art Therapy is a new complimentary therapy program at Very Special Kids offered to children with a life-threatening condition, facilitated by qualified Art Therapists provided by The Art Cabriolet. The program is also facilitated for children receiving end-of life care to explore their feelings and create memories that will live on for their families. Our Art Therapy aims to positively engage children and young people from diverse backgrounds and abilities, and from a range of developmental stages, offering an outlet for expression and give voice to their feelings and concerns.

The program is new to Very Special Kids Hospice and uses art methods and interventions to aid in the treatment of a condition or disability, providing children with opportunities for self-expression and emotional release.