Introducing our first occupational therapist

We’d are excited to introduce the hospice’s first ever occupational therapist, Leo Gnavi.

Leo has held positions at The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (WA), The Cerebral Palsy League (QLD), Nauru Regional Processing Centre, Noah’s Ark Inc (Vic) and he also works part-time at Vision Australia when he’s not at the hospice.

For those not familiar with occupational therapy in a children’s hospice setting, Leo explains; “Occupational therapy is essential in promoting participation in meaningful life activities such as play and access to technology. As an occupational therapist, I provide a holistic and client-centred approach that fosters a sense of independence and self-efficacy amidst the challenges faced by children living with symptoms that can be debilitating,”.

Leo says; “I want to provide opportunities for children where they can actively participate in meaningful, fun activities. I endeavour to increase children’s levels of independence and improve their quality of life,”.

Welcome to the team, Leo!