Making art from memories

‘Creating Memories’ is a scrapbooking activity where bereaved parents can preserve and enhance valuable keepsakes, to honour the memory of their child. 

The sessions are run bi-monthly at Very Special Kids and facilitated by Gerry Silk, a long-term Very Special Kids volunteer who has kindly shared her scrapbooking skills to guide parents through the scrapbooking process.  

Scrapbooking after the death of a loved one can be an emotional and challenging experience. It can also be therapeutic, helping families to grieve and heal, while keeping the memory of their loved one alive.  

Image of a table covered in scrapbooking materials, photos and craft itemsOne Very Special Kids mother, Anita, who has attended the scrapbooking sessions for nine years shares, 

“I am really grateful to Very Special Kids for creating such a wonderful initiative. These sessions have enabled me to create beautiful albums for our daughters as a special keepsake of their brother Luke. I presented them with the albums on their 13th and 21st birthday and they both really appreciate them. Our youngest daughter was only 5 years old when Luke passed away, and as her memories fade over the years her album enables her to see the beautiful connection she had with her adoring brother. 

“I also really value these sessions as my Luke days. They enable me to put aside time in my busy schedule so that I have days which are just about Luke. 

“They are also a safe environment which enables the attendees to share thoughts and feelings with others who have also experienced the terrible loss of their beloved child.” 

In the distance, adults are sitting at a table doing scrapbooking. In the foreground there are lit taper candles and roses in a vase.Agreeing with this sentiment, bereaved mother Leanne adds,  

“Even though I was a little hesitant about attending my first creating memories session with Very Special Kids, I’m so glad I pushed myself to go.  

“Not only have we created a beautiful and heartwarming album of photos and memories of my son (which is a work in progress), but I connected with people who ‘get it’. I feel welcomed and safe coming to these sessions, where I can have a creative outlet, but also share stories and even sit in silence.  

“It feels comfortable, and I feel supported and not quite so alone in this world of grief. Thank you to Very Special Kids and the team of volunteers who make activities like this possible. These sessions mean the world to me.” 

Our ‘Creating Memories’ sessions will return in March 2023. The sessions are jointly run by Very Special Kids and Red Nose.  

We understand Very Special Kids parents who are navigating grief may not feel ready for our workshop. The program will be here to welcome families whenever they are ready to learn more.  

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