Making magical memories in Mittagundi

“Mittagundi is a really inspiring place, and once you’ve been there, you’ll never forget it” -adolescent sibling supported by Very Special Kids

Recently Very Special Kids organised a very special week and took 17 brave and adventurous adolescent siblings we support up to Victoria’s Alpine Region.

The group spent a week on a rustic pioneer style farm at Mittagundi Outdoor Education Centre, which is situated on a 400 acre property near the old gold mining town of Glen Valley.

Very Special Kids Sibling Support Program aims to bring children together who are in similar circumstances and encourage peer support in order to reduce any feelings of isolation. The adolescent program is specially designed to cater to the age group and provides a safe space where teens who have a sibling with a life-threatening illness, can share their unique experiences with one another.

The group thoroughly enjoyed their week and hiked in some rugged terrain, camped in tents for two nights, and even went without electricity and phone reception for most of the week. Though the mountain was mostly bare they managed to have fun making snowmen and having snowball fights.

Many of the adolescents reported that it was amazing to be able to see a sky full of stars for a change, try things they hadn’t before like wood splitting, and see snow for the first time in their lives.

Most of the group however, said that the thing they valued most was the opportunity to make meaningful connections with others going through similar experiences.

“My Mittagundi experience was amazing and memorable. I made new friends, overcame challenges and overall I learnt more about myself as well as the people and the environment around me” said one of the attendees.