Mates on the move weekend

Recently Archie, Chelsea and Amelia, three very special children attended the Mates on the Move weekend at our hospice.

On Friday night they all arrived at the hospice and enjoyed several games and delicious pizza donated from Crust Armadale.

The weather was beautiful for their excursion on Saturday morning, where they hopped aboard a train and headed for the Museum. The girls especially enjoyed looking at the dinosaurs and bugs. Archie however, was happy to simply ride on the train, enjoying all the sights and bumpy rail lines.

They also got to explore the new children’s area at the museum and have a good run around, in the careful watch of our volunteers and carers.

When they got back to the hospice in the afternoon they enjoyed a one on one music therapy session and Amelia learned she was born to be behind a microphone.

Code Dance Group then arrived at 4pm and performed 7 different dances. The children loved it and watched in awe with huge smiles on their faces. Amelia even got up and had a little dance at the end with them and expressed her love for them afterwards.

After the big exciting day there was an early dinner and Archie, Chelsea and Amelia were all happy to go to sleep.

The next day when the parents came to pick them up, one of them mentioned that it was “great to have a break over the weekend, and know they were in safe hands”.

Mates on the Move brings together children who are very mobile and have high behavioral needs requiring one-to-one care. The program enables these children to experience activities they normally would not be able to participate in.