Meet our essential workers

When people ask me what I do at Very Special Kids, I tell them that I not only care for very special children who have special needs but also their families. I explain to them that the children we care for are either there for respite or end-of-life care. They’re amazed that such a place exists to support children and their families. Even after working here for over year, I must admit I’m still amazed too.

We provide holistic care for the child and their families. For me it means to support both the child and their family in away where they feel they can trust Very Special Kids staff to give the best possible care for the child, by making them as comfortable as possible,during these difficult times.

It also means to be able to provide them with a safe space to allow them to grieve and where they feel comfortable speaking about their fears and concerns for their child. I think caring for children in their final days is the most special and precious time. For me, I remind myself that during their final days it’s not about me, it’s all about the child and their family and friends. It’s about supporting them in a time where they’re preparing, the best that they can, to slowly accept or come to terms with the mortality of their child. And it’s also about being able to be slow to speak and listen in order to understand what the needs of the child and their family is.

I believe palliative care is such a special field where children at end-of-life and their families allow you to be a part of their journey. A moment that stands out for me is when I’ve cared for a child that is admitted to Very Special Kids for end-of-life. The journey that you go through with the child and their family is a humbling experience. And it is such a blessing to serve them in such a difficult time, now more than ever. COVID-19 is changing so much, but the care we give these families can’t and won’t.

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