Meet our volunteers: Michele Layet

What inspired you to want to become a volunteer at Very Special Kids?

In Adelaide I volunteered at Ronald McDonald House on week-ends and when I returned to Melbourne I wanted to volunteer within the City of Stonnington.
I went to a presentation by various Charities organised by the council at the Stonnington Town Hall and VSK presented. It was their absolute dedication to the children and their families that inspired me. I was hooked and signed up that day!

Which volunteering role will you be doing and what will it involve?

I volunteer for the Footy Debate overseeing 3 tables and assisting with raffle tickets, prompting purchases of silent and main auction items and any questions the guests may have. The 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge I manage parking for the special guests. At Piggy Trails I sell merchandise and spruik the sale of BBQ sausages and explain about Very Special Kids. At the VRC Pin and Win selling the pins on various race days and I cap off the year off at the Fair supervising the front and back gates.

What do you do outside of volunteering at Very Special Kids?

I am a published author and my book is “From French Fries to a Franchise”. I enjoy going to the Melbourne Theatre Company, reading and going to movies.
I volunteer with Pet Medical Crisis and a beautiful rehoming charity called Bast Cat Club and I drive a veteran to the Anzac Day parade.

How does your background/job helping you with your volunteering role?

I was a McDonald’s Franchisee in Adelaide for 16 years and when I returned home to Melbourne I wanted to volunteer with sick children as I did with Ronald McDonald House in Adelaide.
I was on the board of RMHC and chair of the fundraising in South Australia to build the first RMH in Adelaide.

Why do you like to volunteer in general?

My Loreto education taught me to give back whenever possible and my Mum was on many charitable committees and always believed in keeping busy in all circles of life.

Do you have a special connection to Very Special Kids?

To meet and volunteer with the current Loreto students is most enjoyable.

What has stood out to you about Very Special Kids?

The respect I am given as a volunteer and I feel valued. I love catching up with the staff and other volunteers at VSK. It is very rewarding in so many ways. It is a privilege.