Meet our volunteers: Vicki Disney

What inspired you to want to become a volunteer at Very Special Kids?

After fundraising for Very Special Kids for 16 years via my work in Tatts/Newsagency, I decided on my retirement I would love to continue helping VSK.

Which volunteering role will you be doing and what will it involve?

Volunteering for Very Special Kids for me is collecting donations at various venues and involving the public in the great work VSK does.

What do you do outside of volunteering at Very Special Kids?

I enjoy travelling within Australia and also going on road trips with hubby in Victoria, Mornington Peninsula being a popular destination. Visiting family and friends is my fav. I like to challenge myself doing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and tracing my family history is an ongoing source of discovery.

How does your background/job help you with your volunteering role?

After working in retail almost my entire working life, I enjoyed the interaction with customers therefore giving me the confidence to go out and engage with the general public.

Why do you like to volunteer in general?

Volunteering is an opportunity for me to help those in need.

Do you have a special connection to Very Special Kids?

I know two Very Special little girls and their families who received wonderful care and counselling from Very Special Kids.

What has stood out to you about Very Special Kids?

VSK to me is a caring, compassionate, helpful, kind, hospice community for Very Special Kids -children with life threatening conditions- and their families.