New Facebook Group available for parents

Very Special Kids is now offering a private Facebook group for parents who access our services.

Parents will be able to more easily connect with each other and access peer support regardless of where they are, or the time of day. The group has been created as a forum to make connections, seek advice, share tips, find immediate emotional support in times of need, and to participate in healthy discussions about being a parent of a child with a life-threatening condition.

Daniel Parnell, a parent registered with Very Special Kids, will be the moderator for the group and helping to get the conversation started. In 2013, Daniel lost his son Marcus to Batten’s Disease and he is looking forward to connecting with other parents who understand the unique challenges of being a parent of a child with a life-threatening condition.

“It’s not always easy to meet other parents on a similar journey, especially if you live in a regional town or have a child with a rare condition. Having this Facebook group will help us all to reach out and support each other along the way,” he said.

Daniel will be supported by Family Support Team Regional Manager Peggy Hogan, who will also be moderating the group. We invite all parents to join the group by following the steps below, but if you need any help, please call 03 9804 6222.

  1. Create a Facebook account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Click here to be taken directly to the Very Special Kids Parents Group
  3. Click on the join button. Your request to join will then be verified by a Very Special Kids administrator
  4. Once you have been verified, your request will be approved and you will be able to participate in the group