Providing a much-needed break for the Mullans

When Belinda and Craig Mullans’ first child was born, they had a picture in their mind about what life would be like with their baby boy. However, it didn’t turn out as planned.

“My first Mother’s Day was not at all like I expected it would be. Jack was only three weeks old and he was still in intensive care. We were unsure about whether he was going to make it,” Belinda said.

“He had a brain hemorrhage while in-utero and his brain fluid was not circulating the way it should have been, which meant his head circumference was getting bigger and bigger. He needed surgery to have a shunt placed in his brain to improve the flow of fluid.”

Now nine years old, Jack has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and requires a wheelchair for mobility. He also has a visual impairment that causes him difficulties in being able to see people and associate places.

While the family are thankful that Jack is now doing well, he still has a life-threatening condition and his medical complications put significant pressure on the family.

The respite care provided by Very Special Kids Hospice has allowed Jack to enjoy several stays while Belinda, Craig and their second child Lucy take a much-needed break.

Belinda said she feels confident that Jack is in the very best of care.

“The second time Jack stayed, we took the big step of going interstate for the weekend to Tasmania to watch the football with another couple. We slept in and had some respite, it was just fantastic. We hadn’t done that for eight years,” she said.

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