Remembering Crystal

Crystal Lee

(28/7/1999 to 14/1/2019)

This photo below was taken at Crystal’s Year 12 retreat in February of 2018. It depicts Crystal’s gorgeous personality, full of fun and laughter, and also the gorgeous inner child that she was. This photo is my absolute favourite, and I cherish it.

Part of the retreat required the students to write a letter to themselves about what they wanted to achieve during the year. Crystal wrote, “I would love to still be alive to graduate Year 12”.

Well, that she did, and she looked beautiful and she was so proud.

Crystal passed away 8 weeks after graduating.

We all miss her so very much, and we are keeping her memory alive by the foundation Crystal wanted to be her legacy- The Crystal Lee Foundation: caring for young people who are facing the end of their life.

‘If I die, please don’t cry. Look at the sky and say goodbye.’