Riding the extra mile for Very Special Kids

From Melbourne to Ballarat to Lorne and Sorrento, four days and 450km later and the incredible team of cyclists arrived back at Very Special Kids for a warm welcome from friends and family.

Beginning in Melbourne, the 9 keen cyclists first rode to Ballarat to meet the local Walters family including 17 year old Daniel who has Muscular Dystrophy.

“Because of his condition, Daniel is in a wheelchair and can’t do the basic things most people take for granted” says Cathy Walters his mother.

“Daniel loves staying at the hospice and participating in the Very Special Kids Mates Weekends. Being a 17 year old that social side is very important to him and it’s important he’s around other kids who ‘get it’ and understand his condition”

The Walters are just one of the 900 Victorian families supported by Very Special Kids in caring for children with life-threatening conditions.

“To be able to support Very Special Kids is very important” says organiser and rider Jason Lewis. “A lot of us are having kids or have kids and we have a genuine love of children, so we’re happy to help.”

And help they most definitely have!

Collectively, the group have raised more than $75,000 for Very Special Kids which will allow 60 children to spend a night at the hospice.

Thank you to Jeremy Gomo, Peter Temopoulos, Alon Cassuto, Sam Chester, Ryan Lewis, Jason Lewis, Paul Kegen, Gabriel Dukes and Rod Binedell. Your hard work and determination has paid off and we are extremely grateful for your support.

Donations can still be made to support the Ride for Very Special Kids: