Road to Respite

Written by Peggy Hogan, Family Support Practitioner at Very Special Kids

The Road to Respite transport vehicle is a new and very unique home-hospice driving service that has received nothing but praise from families who have used it since it was launched earlier this year.

The van is supplied through a partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service and driven by a member of their staff. From home pick-up until arrival to the Very Special Kids Hospice in Malvern, the child is also looked after by a Very Special Kids Hospice staff member.

The Bell family, currently planning their next holiday, is one of the families that benefits from the ambulance and are thrilled to use the service this year yet again.

“It gives us two extra days on our holiday and we can relax knowing that our daughter Livi has a safe drive to the hospice” explains Livi’s mother.

The service ensures that Livi’s mum doesn’t need to stress about driving all the way through Melbourne and having to hire a carer to sit with her daughter for the whole journey.

“Livi loves getting in her ‘holiday van’ and she feels comfortable sitting with a Very Special Kids’ staff member in the back. It’s a fun journey for her”.

If you want to start using the Road to Respite service next time your child is staying at Very Special Kids Hospice, make sure to mention it when you make your next hospice booking.