Saying goodbye to Very Special Kids

Hello, my name is Hanna, and I am 15 years old. I have been a part of Very Special Kids for six years now, and I have done many things with them. Including going on camps and meeting some amazing people. I have now been in remission for five years, and will no longer need the support, but I sure will miss it.

My family got involved with Very Special Kids because I had A.L.L (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia). This is a type of cancer in your blood system. It’s when the “white blood cell” don’t do their job, and they multiply and do nothing, leaving hardly any room for red blood cells.

I was diagnosed with it when I was seven-years-old. I received treatment for three years, and wrote and published a book about my cancer journey when I was just 10-years-old.

Having Leukaemia, affected me a lot, both mentally and physically. I was bullied at school, because of the way I looked (bald head, tube in nose, and weight gain from the steroids), and I now suffer from anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I luckily see specialists to help me deal with these problems, but, it really does change your life, and make everything harder, especially when you feel so different to other kids.

Although, Cancer may have been a negative in my life, it also had a positive impact as well. It has made me much more mature and grown up then other kids my age. It has showed my family and me who our real friends are, and it has inspired me to become many things, like a writer, and a digital artist/illustrator.

It has allowed me to go to many fun places, like Lord Somers Camp, Annie’s Cottage and Woodend, all provided by Very Special Kids. My family has really enjoyed it too, and we always come back home wishing we could have stayed there longer.

Lord Somers camp, is by far the best camp ever! I have met so many nice and supportive people there. The staff there were very kind and I also got to act in mini films they made, which helped me with enhance my confidence. I also got to go with my mum to the “parent’s room”, where I could get a back massage, and a pedicure. They also have a radio station, which you can play music and tell jokes to the whole camp, (that was my little brother’s favourite).

The Woodend Farmhouse is such a fun holiday place to go. My family and I have been there many times. It is so much fun, and the place we stay in is modern, yet still has that farm-house feel. It’s not far away from the local town either, and you can even feed the sheep that live on the farm. There is also a big barn house with a pool table, piano, bikes, kites, radio, tennis table, and a giant decorated pig stature. And did I mention that this is only on the bottom floor? On the second floor, there are beanbags, a chalkboard, costumes/wigs, and in the middle of the room there is round swing, that can swing anywhere. That was my favourite, especially when you’re listening to music at the same time.

At night time Woodend is amazing, the stars are really bright, and you can sometimes see kangaroos in the nearby fields, and honestly, I want to live there when I’m older.

I will miss so much about Very Special Kids but especially the farms at Woodend, Annie’s Cottage and Lord Somers Camp. I will also miss the lovely people I met, especially Angela Flood our Family Support Practitioner and Debra, our Family Support Volunteer.

It does however, feel so great to reach the end of such a long journey and to celebrate five-years in remission.

Anyway, thank you for reading my article. I am very thankful for Very Special Kids, and everything you have provided my family with. We will never forget the moral support and the lovely things you have done for us.

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