School holiday fun at the hospice

Children staying at Very Special Kids Hospice in the July school holidays enjoyed a range of activities including arts and crafts, musical performances and an excursion to a show.

Painting was undeniably the most popular of all the arts and crafts activities as all children exploring their creativity. Svetlana from The Art Cabriolet helped the children with the finer details of their artwork and took photographs of what was being created. While many art pieces were taken home with the children, there are still a number of fabulous works on display at the hospice.

Other arts and crafts activities included making egg head shakers, bead drums, tin drums, crocodile castanets and clappers and photo frames out of old vinyl records.

Passionate performances were also a highlight of the holiday program. African drummers visited the hospice and entertained the children with their lively and skilful shows. On an excursion away from the hospice, the children saw engaging pantomime performance in Malvern. After the performance, there was the opportunity to meet the cast, who showed the children their costumes and accessories and posed for group photos.

Operated four times each year by Very Special Kids Hospice, the School Holiday Program ensures that children with life-threatening conditions have access to activities and outings in a safe and controlled environment.