Sibling Day reflection by 12-year-old Mila

Sibling Days are full of activities for primary school children who have a brother or sister with a life-threatening condition. Twelve-year-old Mila explains why they are so much fun.

Ever since Grade One, I have enjoyed the Sibling Days of fun-filled activities at Very Special Kids. I would be driven to Malvern anticipating the exciting things we would do as part of the theme of the day.

Whether it was Adventure to the Land of your Wildest Dreams Day or Yabba Dabba Doo Day, there was sure to be all sorts of craft, sport and scavenger hunts to entertain all of us.

As we walked through the door of Very Special Kids, there was almost always a magnificent cake sitting on the table. Oh, the colours and size of that sweet goodness – that I knew would be enjoyed at lunch and, even better, the adults wouldn’t restrict us to only one piece! I remember there once being a beautiful green tree cake and last time, the Olympic Rings cake.

Next year I am graduating to be part of the Adolescent Sibling Program. This will mean going on camp if I choose and going to a couple of special days throughout the year.

When it came to the sheet which we would fill in at the end of Sibling Day the answer to the question ‘Is there anything you did not like about today?’ was always no and I guess that question and answer practically sums up my thoughts on sibling day.

It is really nice going somewhere to meet a group of other kids who share something with you that most people don’t and I think I will always remember my sibling days and the fun I had.

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