Siblings reach for The Summit

The recent Adolescent Sibling Weekend was enjoyed by 21 siblings at a brand new venue in Gippsland called The Summit.Each person discovered their inner courage and capacity to support one another during a full day of adventure activities. Whether it was being catapulted through the air across a lake on a giant swing, jumping off in leap of faith, zipping down the water slide or clambering their way through muddy swamps, there was something for everyone.

The Very Special Kids staff members and eight fabulous volunteers who attended were blown away by the sheer determination and tenacity of these awesome young people. There was also opportunity across the weekend for the group to discuss secrets and talk about their shared experience of being an adolescent sibling in a creative and supportive way.

As always, the wisdom and insight exchanged was nothing short of inspiring. We are looking forward to the Adolescent Sibling Day coming up on September 22, which will provide another exciting opportunity for peer connections, catch up’s and fast-paced fun.