Siblings swamped with fun

Siblings of children with life-threatening conditions enjoyed a fun day of activities and meeting new friends while discovering the secrets of the stinky swamp.

Three separate Very Special Kids Sibling Days were held in the April school holidays, where children participated in a range of engaging and interactive activities.

The eager and enthusiastic kids were grouped into different teams, which were named after swampy and scaley creatures such as lizards, turtles and frogs. Each team worked together to solve mysteries and gain clues that would lead them to find the friendly swamp monster!

From playing celebrity heads and guessing mystery creatures to obstacle courses with limbo and potato sack races, the kids made it through all challenges showing great team work, problem solving skills and of course lots of fun and laughter.

Speaking of fun… Where do swamp monsters go for a holiday? Lake Eerie!

After lunch it was time for some craft-ernoon fun and each child had the opportunity to personalise and decorate a special treasure chest with glitter, sparkles and colourful paper.

The Very Special Kids Sibling Support Program was created to address the impact on children, of having a brother or sister with a life-threatening condition. The activity-based Sibling Days help kids explore their emotions, enhance their self-esteem and meet peers.