Special angels take the cake

Celebrating birthdays and other special events in the lives of your family members is something that is to always look forward to.

When your child has a life-threatening condition, these occasions can be filled with even greater meaning, and the need to celebrate every moment becomes paramount. Making or purchasing a special cake is something that can be difficult to arrange, no matter how much you would like to.

That’s where Cake Angels can come to your rescue! Cake Angels is an organisation that provides cakes to kids in Victoria with life threatening illness through the help of 400 volunteers.

Cake Angels volunteers have been providing themed cakes to Very Special Kids for our Sibling Days and Bereaved Sibling Days since 2011, so we know how creative these cake-making-volunteers can be. The siblings have loved ‘Detective cake’, the ‘Flintstones Cake’ and the recent ‘Water Slide Cake’.

So who is eligible for a Cake Angels cake? If your very special child, or another child in your family, has a birthday, please contact your Family Support Worker about your eligibility to receive a Cake Angels cake. Please allow six to eight weeks prior to the occasion when making this request.