Staying at Glen Osmond Farm

An adult and young girl are sitting outdoors on a patio, with the sun shining on their faces. The background is of blue skies and trees.

More and more families have been able to create lasting family memories at our holiday accommodation in Glen Osmond Farm. Claire and her family recently stayed over the Easter weekend, recharging their batteries as they enjoyed a relaxing escape in the countryside.

Claire shares:
“Thank you, Very Special Kids so much for the opportunity for us stay at Glen Osmond Farm on the weekend.  

We had a wonderful time.  It was so relaxing and peaceful. Our girls were so happy, they loved spending time with mum, dad and grandma enjoying the fresh country air. We had support worker assistance some of the time, which was great. This was the first time our youngest daughter Olivia, almost 3-years-old had been on holiday apart from staying at relatives’ homes. The setup is fantastic for families with children with additional needs. We were amazed by how many kangaroos there were, we got to feed the sheep, saw a fox, a rabbit and lots of birds. We also had a lovely chat to the other Very Special Kids’ family who was staying in the cottage next door. 

Three images of a family's visit to Glen Osmond Farm, sitting outdoors, indoors and standing with sheep in the background.

We were very lucky with the weather that was sunny on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We got to see the spectacular sunrises each morning. On Saturday we went to the children’s playground in Woodend and to one of the local cafés. On Sunday we went to Hanging Rock. We were a little bit limited with what walks we could do as we only brought one pram that had wheels suitable for an unsealed path, though it was pretty to look around and go to the cafe for scones with jam and cream. We saw the outdoor art and sculpture exhibition at Hanging Rock Winery nearby which was on as part of the Autumn festival. On Monday it was raining and foggy though it was still beautiful to see the mist over Hanging Rock and over the trees.

 We highly recommend Glen Osmond Farm to any Very Special Kids families who would like a scenery change in the country!”