Stitched with love

The Bayside Quilters have brought comfort and joy to many of the children and families supported by Very Special Kids. They have stitched together beautiful quilts, creating keepsakes families can cherish in memory of their child.  

One Very Special Kids mum, Kirsty shares how this kind gesture provided comfort and warmth to her and her family.  

“When Lily was born, we received so many beautiful clothes for her in all shapes and sizes. Our relatives also knitted some beautiful cardigans for those special occasions, but the zippy wondersuits were a staple item as we spent most of our first year together lounging around the house.  

When Lily was diagnosed with a terminal illness at seven months of age, our entire world collapsed.  

We created a ‘bucket list’ of activities to do, places to visit and holidays to be had. I also wanted Lily looking her ‘best’ for these events as I knew we would take every photo and video possible, and also knew that we would never get to see her dress up for a school formal, make her debutante ball or walk down the aisle in a stunning wedding dress.  

Lily's quiltAfter Lily’s passing, the offer of the quilt creation by using her clothes was an incredibly thoughtful gesture that we didn’t even know was possible.

We leave the quilt on her bed, sort of like an assurance that she’s kept warm.

Every now and then, Lily’s older sister will wrap herself in the quilt which brings her comfort and allows her to feel closeness. I also at times keep the quilt close to me as a reminder of the colours that made her beautiful eyes pop and the events we spent her last days enjoying with her.”