Thank you to our very special volunteers

A group of adults are sitting and standing indoors. Some are holding their trophy and certificate. They are smiling at the camera.

Last night we had the chance to say thank you to many of our hardworking and dedicated volunteers at our Volunteer Appreciation Night.  

Congratulations to all who received recognition awards, each of you have gone above and beyond and we are so grateful for the support you give to the children and families in our care. Special mention to Steven, who celebrated his 30-year milestone and is one of our longest serving volunteers. 

Steven shares, “30 years…It does not seem like 30 years, I still feel I’ve got a lot to give, and I know by giving, then that warms my heart as well. When you go and give yourself to volunteering, you make such an impact in someone’s life, and in turn, that makes such an impact on you.” 

We say it time and time again, but Very Special Kids simply would not be possible without the tremendous support of our Very Special volunteers. They are the pillars of our organisation and without their support and generous contribution of time and care, we could not continue to provide the best quality of life to children with life-limiting conditions and their families.  

On behalf of everyone at Very Special Kids, thank you! 

Congratulations to the following service award recipients:

30-year Service Award Steve is standing inside at Very Special Kids, holding his trophy and certificate. He is smiling for the camera.

  • Steven Rosewarne 

25-year Service Award 

  • Libby Clarke 
  • Shirley Graham 

20-year Service Award 

  • Jennifer Keat 
  • Brad Crewe 
  • Julie Cascone 
  • Sandra Lewis 

15-year Service Award 

  • Kate Wright Libby is standing indoors at Very Special Kids, holding her award and certificate. She is smiling at the camera.
  • Bruce Emerson 
  • Roslyn Ferres 
  • Caroline Morgan 
  • Andrea Johnson 
  • Ray Sneddon 
  • Kay Sutherland 
  • Judy Curnow 
  • Katy De Valle 
  • Genevieve Le Hunt 
  • Jessica Marshman 
  • Caroline Savage 
  • Jan Silk 
  • Linda Miller 

10-year Service Award 

  • Margaret Burston
  • Tia Sparis
  • Stephanie GroubeShirley is standing indoors at Very Special Kids, holding her award and certificate. She is smiling at the camera.
  • Diana Todhunter
  • Michele Layet
  • Peter Polson
  • Anisa Khosh
  • Sue McClean
  • Holly Rominov

5-year Service Award 

  • Melissa Kelly
  • Naree Osmers
  • Susie Gibb
  • James Tavlian
  • Ben Mabon
  • Anne O’Connor
  • Luke Rycken
  • Barbara Hutchinson
  • Cecilia Pynaker
  • Dianne Ryan
  • Natalie Ward
  • Hamish Rotstein A group of adults are standing together holding their award and certificate, smiling at the camera
  • Anita Fothergill
  • Matthew Coleman
  • Anna Dawson
  • Laura Purcell
  • John Dawson
  • Catherine Sawyer
  • Fiona Gardiner
  • Megan Wimmers
  • Bridget Walker
  • Sandra Alway
  • Tanya Azar
  • Chloe Balfe
  • Cecilia Kwok
  • Claire Rasmussen
  • Claudine Tsao
  • Varsha Desai Four women are standing in a group, holding their awards and certificates, smiling at the camera.
  • Di Judd-Campbell
  • Alison Jane
  • Caitlin Smith
  • Lachlan Cauchi
  • Carmen Blatti
  • Angela Chen
  • Anastasia Lewis
  • Denise Joy Kallenberger
  • Mandy Lobley
  • Sachi Mylius
  • Edward Kidd
  • Callum McNicol
  • Lois Smith
  • Luigina Panayi
  • Tina Theofanis
  • Melissa Savaglio A group of adults are standing and kneeling, holding their certificates. They are smiling at the camera.
  • Ally Liew
  • Joan Bruton
  • Cody Oliveira
  • Lia Wassell
  • Rainer Kallenberger
  • Andrea Ryan
  • Ann-Marie Trinh
  • Catherine Altson
  • Elizabeth Zimet
  • Latha Devaraja
  • Megan Mcgregor
  • Mingmei Li
  • Nella Campagna
  • Nikki Phillips
  • Paari Palaniswami
  • Trent Toohey
  • Vanessa Rubenstein