The sky is the limit

Written by Paula Mullin, Clinical Nurse at Very Special Kids

I have been working at Very Special Kids for the past four years and I often get asked “how do you work in paediatric palliative care?”

I do what I do because I have the chance to help support families at the most difficult time: caring for a child at the end of their life. If I can help relieve just a small part of that pain and anxiety then I feel that I have fulfilled my duty to that child and their family.

To me paediatric palliative care seeks to relieve the physical, emotional, social and spiritual distress that families experience with a child that has a life-threatening condition. It is about how to help them make the most of each day and enhance their quality of life.

At Very Special Kids we create special art and help fulfil bucket lists. Making memories as well as sharing these families’ anxieties and fears creates a strong bond. I feel privileged that families trust me to be a part of this journey.

At Very Special Kids we say the sky is the limit, no ask is too big. If we can make it happen, we will.

Even with all sadness and anguish lived, I also experience the feeling of accomplishment. I believe that here at Very Special Kids we do our best in helping a child at the end of their life and their family.

The most rewarding part of my experiences, is caring for all of the amazing families and the most inspiring children. To understand that the family needs to experience the grief stages and strive to help them go through as best they can, is how I do what I do.