‘Tis the season at Very Special Kids Glen Osmond Farm

The holiday season can be a challenging time of year for the families we support and this year many took the chance to get away from it all with a stay at Very Special Kids Glen Osmond Farm. Kheeran and Jini Dharmawardena and their children Ethan (10) and Anaya (16 months), escaped to the cottages in Woodend in December.

In 2012 the family lost their beloved daughter and sister Jade to an incurable brain tumor. The farm was a place they could reflect on the good memories they have, away from the hustle and bustle.

“Christmas is always an emotional time of year, and it gave us the chance to pause and come together as a family,” said Kheeran.

The family made the most of their stay, enjoying activities in the barn, cycling around the property, watching kangaroos, and visiting nearby Daylesford and the children’s playground at Woodend.

Jini said Ethan liked making friends with the other family staying there, who also had a sibling that passed away.

“At school Ethan’s the odd one out, but when he meets friends through Very Special Kids he’s himself and doesn’t need to hide anything,” she said.