Very Special Kids Autumn Classic fund raises $124,902

This morning Very Special Kids held their third Autumn Classic cycling event and raised $124,902!

Through the hard work of our events team, especially Kristi Ingrilli, and loyal supporters, it was an absolute success, as well as a whole lot of fun.

The event is a virtual cycling race with 11 teams onsite participating on their own bikes on an indoor trainer. The riders all competed against each other via software that ‘talked’ to their bike- which even made hills harder to get up!

It was an amazing morning, with a lot of Lycra and competition for a cause. Lowe Finance, took out the win and took home the Autumn Classic perpetual trophy, with riders Mason Austen, James Ogilvie, Lachlan Castran, Aaron Groot, Nick Lowe and Rob Simpson.

Second and third place went to Trivelo and Spiders. Each team went their absolute hardest and it was amazing to see such a serious effort from everyone..

We’d like to thank Harry the Hirer, The Cycling Fix, Bridged & Planet Innovation, SBS, The Coon Toastie Truck & Domain, Peter Montgomery, Veeral Patel and Spin Labs for their amazing support.

It will cost $8.8 million for Very Special Kids to operate this year, and because of this it is important that these events take place. We are so grateful to everyone who supported the Autumn Classic this year!

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