Very Special Kids welcomes senior managers to the team

Very Special Kids is pleased to welcome to the team Kara Briggs, formerly of EACH Social and Community Health, and Sharon Stynes, formerly of The Reach Foundation.

Recent growth of the organisation has resulted in Kara filling the newly created role of General Manager, Planning and Process Improvement, and Sharon heading up the expanding fundraising events team.

Kara comes to the role with a wealth of experience in service management, including senior positions at EACH Social and Community Health and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

In a career marking move, Sharon has left The Reach Foundation after working there for more than a decade as the Events Manager, supporting her late brother Jim Stynes who founded the youth services organisation.

Very Special Kids Chief Executive Officer Sarah Hosking welcomes the new appointments and is confident Kara and Sharon will take the organisation to strengths.

“Very Special Kids has evolved over the past two years to increase our services to families. As we continue to grow, Kara’s role will ensure that our high standards of policy and practice are proactively maintained.

“This growth will be supported by a stronger than ever fundraising team with Sharon’s track record of creating and managing highly successful fundraising events that connect Very Special Kids back to the community,” she said.