Volunteer Appreciation Event for National Volunteer Week

As National Volunteer Week 2018 begins, we would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank all of our volunteers.

Recently, we hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Event to recognise the wonderful contribution volunteers make to Very Special Kids.

Services Awards were presented by Sister Margaret Noone and CEO Michael Wasley to volunteers who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service.

It was a wonderful celebration and a pleasure to acknowledge many milestone service awards achieved by a variety of committed and caring people.

We say it time and time again, but Very Special Kids simply could not do what we do without the support of our volunteers. To put a dollar value on the contribution of the time spent supporting us would be incalculable and impossible to afford to continue providing the range of services we offer to support our families.

The generosity of just under 300 Friends Volunteers who assist us with fundraising and a team of over 320 Family Support Team volunteers who commit many hours working directly with our families ensure that we can continue providing the best possible care to over 900 families throughout Victoria each year.

On behalf of everyone at Very Special Kids, thank you!

25 Year Service Award

  • Nancy Spano (FST)
  • Annette Parton (Friend)

20 Year Service Award

  • June Woods (Friend)
  • Isabel Edgoose (Friend)
  • Graeme Edgoose (Friend)
  • Bill Hearn (Friend)
  • Jenny Fast (FST)
  • Louise Hillier (FST)
  • Pam Kershaw (Friend)

15 Year Service Award

  • Helen Jackson (FST)
  • Trifon Stafilis (FST)

10 Year Service Award

  • Alan Hall (Friend+ FST)
  • Kylie McLennan (Friend)
  • Shirley Rake (Friend)
  • Julie Shaw (Friend)
  • Sue Serra (Friend)
  • Liz Gidley (Friend)
  • Kim Waddell (Friend)
  • Heather Bell (Friend)
  • Ruth Higgins (FST)
  • Chris Coleman (FST)
  • Vicki Beale (FST)
  • Jayde Williams (FST)
  • Caroline Morgan (FST)

5 Year Pin

  • Robert Fleming (Friend)
  • Roslyn Law (Friend)
  • Mary Connell (Friend & FST)
  • Terri Lourey (Friend)
  • Peter Silk (Friend)
  • Liz Liston (Friend & FST)
  • Vicki Lync (Friend)
  • Suzette Aldous (Friend)
  • Sarah Gearing (Friend)
  • Kristen Gameau (Friend)
  • Efstra Dalaveris (Friend)
  • June Gameau (Friend)
  • Elizabeth Egan (Friend)
  • Annette Hayman (Friend)
  • David Gameau (Friend)
  • June Ferguson (Friend)
  • Norman Lynch (Friend)
  • Abdullah Saberi (Friend)
  • Jennifer Da Costa (Friend)
  • Sally Coles (Friend & FST)
  • Geoffrey Ellis (Friend)
  • Georgia Psaltis (Friend)
  • Helen Brennan (Friend)
  • Duarte Da Costa (Friend)
  • Kay Sutherland (Friend)
  • Stella Constantino (Friend)
  • Belinda Key (FST)
  • Ros Pollard (FST)
  • Kathryn Chalmers (FST)
  • Denise Garrett (FST)
  • Penelope Snell (FST)
  • Perry Austin (FST)
  • Christine Garth (FST)
  • Giulia Valente (FST)
  • Kathryn Visser (FST)
  • Stephanie Di Palma (FST)
  • Tegan Stait (FST)

Special Acknowledgement Award

  • Vic Jackson for his Piggy Bank Appeal Contribution (ps. Yes! The tattoo is real!)