What Easter means to us at Very Special Kids

Easter can mean many things to different people. For some, it has a special religious or spiritual significance and symbolises a time of new life, while for others it can mean a well anticipated break from work, a chance to spend time with family and friends or a great excuse to indulge in chocolate bunnies!

At Very Special Kids, our people come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we spend Easter in a variety of different ways. Here we share how we will be spending Easter this year:

  • Easter for us is about having time away from the daily grind. Every year we go to our favourite place with our favourite friends. Our shack has no electricity, no mobile phone reception and no technology. The kids run, play and get muddy. The adults walk, chat and get calm. The best part is that there are so many places to hide the Easter Eggs on Sunday morning that we can have dozens of Easter Egg hunts and no-one gets bored.
    Jane Baker, Office Manager and PA to the CEO
  • I always think of Easter as a time for “new beginnings” and so I use the opportunity to make new changes in my life. Also of course lots of chocolate bunnies!
    Jessica Davey, Fundraising Lead – Trusts and Foundations
  • It means school holidays and time away from work, but specifically taking the kids to the beach and having an Easter egg hunt out in the garden in their long pyjamas and Ugg boots. I generally acquire a stash of Haig’s chocolate; the world’s best chocolate. It’s generally just good times.
    Andrew Cole, Executive Manager Fundraising
  • My parents came to Australia after WW2 and they brought with them some lovely traditions for Easter. My mother would boil eggs in different (natural) colours and they would be placed in little nests that were then hidden in the garden. There would also be a little gift to celebrate the ‘new life’. We also attended church to remember the sacrifice that was made. Chocolate eggs were not in the equation at that time, but as a lover of chocolate I am glad that changed.
    Marianne Collins, Family Support Team
  • Not much I can say except Hot Cross Buns (they have to be fruit) with butter and an excuse to wear bunny ears – I have two pairs setting on my desk ready to be worn next week!
    Tegan Head, Administration Officer
  • My children are all grown up now so I love spending Easter Sunday morning with my 5 nephews doing an Easter Egg Hunt. At the end of the hunt, we put all the eggs in one basket and divide them up equally; otherwise the bigger boys would take all of them! My sisters and I head into the kitchen and cook up a storm – usually roast lamb with all the trimmings. Mum comes over and forgets we aren’t 12 anymore and gives her 3 daughters a Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg – every year, no fail (even if we ask her not to)! It’s a great family day with lots of food, wine, family and fun.”
    Lou Cooney, Friends of Very Special Kids Coordinator

On behalf of the team at Very Special Kids we wish you a safe, enjoyable and relaxing Easter.