When you need to be heard

When you are feeling overwhelmed and filled with worry it can be very helpful to talk to a good listener or counsellor.

Having a skilled, trusted person listen allows you to tell your story knowing that it will be heard without judgment.

You can speak of feelings that may not have seen the light of day and experience some relief from the weight of those worries.

As one mother supported by Very Special Kids explains, “Talking to my Family Support Practitioner has helped me through some really hard times. She helps me focus on what’s important and I try to let go of the stuff that’s not. Knowing that I can call for a chat anytime helps me a lot.”

When there is a lot going on that is highly emotional it can be very difficult to think clearly, so putting aside some time to talk about what is happening can be extremely helpful.

“It has helped me on a mental level to better cope with things as they arise. Talking about things just really helped me to see things clearer. This then enabled me to be a better functioning person for my family” explains another mother supported by Very Special Kids.

“The process has been fantastic for me.  Having a very sick child can be isolating and scary. It is lovely to have a support person whom you know really understands what you are going through. Curve balls in life still get thrown your way even post treatment/cancer and I have felt lucky to have someone I can speak to about this who understands my whole journey.”