Why our mums are so very special

It’s often surprising what a child will say when asked what makes a mum special. Sometimes it’s the smallest most practical things that make a difference at other times it’s a beautiful hug or gentle touch.

In any case we know that mums all around the world are special and our Very Special Kids mums are extra, extra special.

Take a look at what some of our Very Special Kids children said about mums when they spent the day honing their circus skills at our circus themed Sibling Days on the 9th and 11th April.


Mothers are special to us because they:

 “Take care of us”, Zoe.

“Play Lego and cooking cool stuff”, Tate.

 “Do a lot of things for you and keep you safe”, Eliza.

“Buy us toys”, Lance.

“Help us with everything!”, Ella.

“They look beautiful and are caring and are the best mum ever.”

“They love me, help me, buy food.”

“Care for us and help us and they buy clothes for us and love us.”

“Are kind and care for us.”

“Cooks and cleans for me”, Grace.

“Help you”, Owen.

“Do everything”, Dominic.

“Make the best brownies ever”,  Phoebe.

“Caring for us and keeping us safe. Thank you.”

“I love you Mum because… I love you Mum”, Axel.

To all the mums out there, and especially the mums of our very special children, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s day.