Workplace Giving Month – five reasons to start giving

It’s Workplace Giving Month in June, a time to celebrate and acknowledge employers and employees making a contribution to charities each week, fortnight, month and/or year through their pay! It is also a time where we would like to empower and motivate others to do the same.

Each year through the collective giving from a number of individuals and organisations, workplace giving provides 25 families with access to our Very Special Kids Hospice.

Here are five reasons to start workplace giving for Very Special Kids and join others in making an impact on the lives of Victoria families. 

  1. It’s easy!

Workplace giving is an easy, tax-free way to donate through your pay. Many organisations match their employee’s donations doubling their impact for Very Special Kids.

  1. You will feel good

Knowing you are contributing to Very Special Kids every time you receive your payslip is a nice reminder you are supporting Victorian families going through one of the most challenging times of their lives.

  1. You will feel more connected to your workplace

Your organisation has a workplace giving program for a reason – to give back. Knowing you work for a company who incorporates community support in their strategy to engage employees and make a difference to the wider community is truly special.

  1. Your contribution is helping Very Special Kids sustain its core programs

Workplace giving is untied funding which means Very Special Kids distributes funds to our core programs and services on your behalf. Your support is helping us do what we do best, support families in need.

  1. It is appreciated

Your support does not go unnoticed. All of the children, families and the team at Very Special Kids are so grateful for your generosity, passion and connectedness to what we do.

Click here for more information and to find out how to sign up today.