Youth Advisory Group is now recruiting

Photo of Maryjo smiling at the camera.
Let your voice be heard – Youth Advisory Group now recruiting!

At Very Special Kids, we are always inspired by the strength and resilience of the children and young people we meet. If your life has been touched in unique and special ways by having a brother or sister with a life-limiting illness, we want you to join the conversation and have an impact on the way we deliver our services. 

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) is a new initiative, set to give very special siblings between the ages of 14 to 25 a platform to be heard. Very Special Kids’ sibling, Maryjo shares her excitement for the new program.  

“It’s important for young people to just feel heard. So many kids want to be given responsibility and have a chance to make a difference. Especially when it impacts them.” 

Photo of Maryjo smiling at the camera while holding a dog.

YAG members will have input into the services we offer young people. They will have input into new programs and provide feedback on what is important to them and their families.  

Maryjo shares, “I’ve been involved in member run organisations’ before, and it makes such a big difference. By allowing young people to be heard, you create a program they want.  

“It’s not like working on a project at school. You are working with a team to create something real. Rather than just schoolwork. You are helping actual people.” 

The YAG offers young people a great platform to develop leadership skills and connect with other like-minded young people to exchange ideas, mentor others and understand the complexities of having a sibling with a life-limiting condition.  

“You gain so much from the experience of meeting someone, who understands what you have been through on a more personal level.” says Maryjo. “Everyone’s going through something different – they learn differently, cope differently. By hearing from siblings who are all different ages and have different lived experiences you can gain so much insight.” 

YAG meetings will be held bi-monthly and can be attended by siblings from across Victoria. We want you to lead us and advocate for what is important to you, so we can work to make it happen. 

Maryjo shares, “I’m excited to join the Youth Advisory Group to help other young people who have experienced or are going through what I have been through. If you have ever felt like something is missing, or something needs to be added. Remember, you can be the voice to get that done.”

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If you ticked YES to all these boxes than take the next steps and apply to make a change! Please complete the expression of interest form here by Friday 18 February and we will be in contact soon.
If you have any further questions about the Youth Advisory Group, please contact Jess on or Damienne on