Patient transport

Very Special Kids provides much-needed respite for children at Very Special Kids House in Malvern. If you live regionally, we know getting here can sometimes be a stumbling block. So, we are here to make life a little bit easier.

Fortunately, we have partnered with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) to safely transport your child from door-to-door at no charge to you.

An RFDS driver will pick up your child from your house. You are welcome to accompany them on the trip if you would like. For additional piece of mind, a Very Special Kids nurse or personal care worker will be onboard to ensure your child or young person receives quality care during the trip. The same support is provided when it’s time to return home.

One of the families that has benefited from the service is Eadweard’s family from Bendigo.

Ten-year-old Eadweard was born with early infantile SCN1A encephalopathy, an extremely rare genetic disorder. So rare in fact he is one of just nine in the world with the condition. Eadweard can’t walk or talk, has regular seizures and requires 24-hour care.

Sarah and Stuart, who are parents to five, say the hospice at Very Special Kids House is their only respite. Because of where they live and the complexity of Eadweard’s condition, they can stop up to five times in one trip, adding a great amount of time and stress.

If you would like more information or to book the patient transport service, please contact