All about our magic carpet

June 21, 2024

Move over Aladdin, Very Special Kids House has its very own magic carpet!


Our Mobile Magic Carpet has already sparked so much joy, imagination and movement for children of all ages and varied abilities.


Users simply move over the image to engage with projected content, giving them endless opportunities for fun.

How does it work?

An infrared camera detects movements and feeds the live real-time video image stream into the Magic Carpet app. This means the slightest movement can cause an audio-visual effect – offering children and young people an engaged experience where they have independence and control.


The therapeutic benefits

Some other benefits include multisensory exploration, play, learning, therapy, relaxation, engagement and stimulation.


Programs are designed to facilitate dual interaction, ensuring there is space for collaborative exploration and play. There is also opportunity to output the image to a second monitor to enable eye gaze users to interact with peers who use body movements.

The magic carpet provides an opportunity for children at the hospice to learn new skills in a playful and interactive manner. It is a great tool for kids to learn new skills in a fun and interactive way and can remove barriers for kids of different abilities to participate in meaningful activities.


 – Leo Gnavi, Very Special Kids occupational therapist

The endless library of games and activities leaves room for hours of fun – kids can play the piano, rustle up some Autumn leaves, relax in a serene pond or even play a game of soccer!


The Magic Carpet caters for a wide range of sensory, communication and engagement needs.


Children and young people can use their limbs and body to interact with the content, helping to enhance their sense of movement.  The Magic Carpet can be projected onto floors, tables, beds or wheelchair trays, making it an accessible play experience for children who are less mobile.


We’d like to acknowledge The Honda Foundation for funding this innovative device and helping Very Special Kids continue to enhance the quality of life for children who need palliative care support.