Cara takes on the 24-Hour Treadmill Challenge

May 14, 2024

Nine-year-old Cara is stepping up to her fifth 24-Hour Treadmill Challenge and is already climbing up this year’s fundraiser leaderboard! 

We were very lucky to have an exclusive interview with Cara, where she spilled some of her top treadmill tips with us:

Why did you choose to first participate in the 24-Hour Treadmill Challenge?
“Because my mummy works in the hospice.”

What do you love most about event day?
“I like playing the games and seeing everyone.”

Why is supporting Very Special Kids so important to you?
“So I can help the sick kids.”

What tips do you have for anyone participating for the first time?
“Practice on a treadmill first so you don’t fall off.”

What’s your best fundraising tips?
“Try to ask as many people as you can to raise more money for the sick kids.”

Big thank you to Cara for letting us share her reasons for joining the challenge year after year and for some wise tips for those taking part in the event for the first time.

Every donation helps our dedicated fundraisers, like Cara, raise more than a sweat for the seriously ill kids in our care.

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